I am

I am a believer. I believe the two words, “I am”, are the most powerful words one can say. I’ve read that some believe them to be the first words uttered by Adam & Eve. I’ve also read that “I am” is the origin of the “ohms” that people chant during meditation. The power of the words comes from how our brains work. We have the ability to make statements to our brain, and our brain instructs our body as if the statements are true. It works for negative or positive statements. Tell your brain, “I am always late”, “I am out of breath and can’t finish this run”, or “I am never going to make a lot of money”, and your mind will see to it that your wishes are granted. The good news is that the people who insist “I am a happy person”, I am not interested in fast food”, or “I am going to finish this last rep no matter what”, will also see their predictions come true. Your ‘self talk’ decides your fate. Since your voice is the only one your mind listens to, your fate is in your own hands. Begin your sentences with those powerful words, “I am”. Don’t say “I wish”, “I hope”, “I wonder”. The only reality your brain knows is the story you’re telling it. The words you say after “I am”, become your reality. Choose thoughtfully.

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