You're blind baby

Back in '92 a friend who worked at MTV let me hang out on the set of "Yo! MTV Raps" while Heavy D was performing. The rapper is most famous for his song "Now that we found love", but on this show he was performing "You can't see what I see". (Yup, that's me in the black cap behind him). The hook of that song is a Public Enemy sample of Flavor Flav saying "You're blind baby". I also loved the original song by Public Enemy because they sampled Slayer for the background beat. Yes, 1992 was a great time musically.

A mini Flavor Flav often sits on my shoulder during meetings, when I'm trying to explain my brand and product to prospective distributors or store owners. Sometimes, they smile and their eyes get big when they understand the brand concept. It's easy to tell when they "get it". Sometimes though, they tilt their head like a confused puppy, scrunch their nose like they just smelled something awful, and look away. That's when Flavor Flav gets in my head and starts rapping, "You're blind baby! Yuh-yuh-yuh blind baby!" and Heavy D chimes in with "No you can't see what I can see!". It's tough selling your idea to individuals who are analysts instead of visionaries. It's tempting to call them blind, but people with the analyst mind are still envisioning, they're just focused on past performance while visionary types forecast future success.

So what do we do when someone can't see our vision? We know that our product or service is of great value to them, but how do we open their eyes? We must stir their emotions and appeal to the left side of their brain. Using facts and data may seem logical, but being logical is simply no fun.

The most effective way to form a favorable perception of you and your brand is to tell a story. The human brain loves stories. Stories are easy to remember and hold attention much longer than spreadsheets. In fact, you're still reading this post because I began with a story to get you interested. "Nowwwww that weeeee found love, what are we gonna doooooo with iiiiittt?"

RIP Heavy D.

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