You can't compete

I walked down the hall of a South Carolina beer distributor and noticed some signage for one of their products that said "2 for $4". I said to one of their empoyess, "wow, how does that company make a profit on that stuff"?. He laughed and said, "You can't compete with that. They make it in such large quantities that their cost is very low".

“You can’t compete”. What a reckless way to begin a sentence. It’s a feeble command disguised as a fact. You've heard it before. “You can’t compete with HER because…” You can’t compete with THAT COMPANY, THAT TEAM, THAT PRODUCT because…” . The sentence finishes with a description of what THEY have but you don’t; “You can’t compete with that wide receiver BECAUSE he runs a 4:35 forty yard dash” “You can’t compete with that company BECAUSE they can afford a Super Bowl ad”. It’s a lie. Every time those three words are uttered the person saying them is lying. They don't have the authority to grant you permission to compete or not. What they’re saying is “I don’t have the skills or the vision to win against your competition, so I’m going to tell you that you don’t either”. But you know how to win. You see what the win looks like and it’s too late for discouraging words to stop you. You’ve already lit the fuse that will blow your competition out of the water. The bigger your goals, the more you will be told the relentless mantra of the loser, “you can’t compete”. You’re deaf to those words though because you’re a winner. The three words you really hear are "you won't lose". Allow them finish the sentence with the reasons why.

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